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been suggested so far, they could also monitor the social media to gauge the response of law enforcement and other security personnel and change the attack accordingly. so it's positive. it's negative. so far, though, it looks like the effect has been very, very positive. >> dr. curtis stand by, because we are also joined by phone by james whetic, you are watching all of the events coming out of los angeles, tell us what you think. tell us what you know. >> well, good morning, it looks to me like things are starting to de-escalate if you will. the police set up a triage center. you could see initially they responded with an active shooter program -- >> are you on the ground right now? >> no, i'm watching it on my screen. >> okay. >> and it seems to me that they unofficially responded as i said with the active shooter program, but we don't see any follow-up with a large contingent of s.w.a.t. officers, but we seed a lot of medical operations. and so i think the next -- the real step is going to be an investigation as to who this individual was. i presume at this point he may h
. as the men and women of dayshift lock, load and hit the road. they are armed with a new type of law enforcement weapon. all right, where are we going? >> the ain' ability to predict e crime is going to occur. we rolled out with them to see how it works. >> so downstairs here is where we house the operations division of the police department. deputy chief steve clark is a 20-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. owe knows th -- he knows the ple inside out. he also knows where to go in the future. a knowledge that led him to a interactive predicting policing software. >> we were focusing on vehicle burglaries and we found the model was accurate predicting the timing times and locations e the crime will occur. >> it sounds like "minority report" the tom cruise movie where they apprehend the criminal based on preknowledge. >> what the computer takes into effect is the what has been reported. it doesn't know about the demographics in the area or the person, it's all area specific. >> today, it's more than a toy it tinker with. it's the main law enforcement tool in their arsen
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2